it's in the details

The Colony
Quattra Via Aveda

Salon and Spa

This website is very professional. It has a classy feel and gives a tour of not only the beautiful premises of the salon and spa, it also has a clever way to display and introduce you to the "artiists" that work there.

The responsive design seems to work well. It centers what's important and allows a nice drop down menu for the links. In fact, the only thing that doesn't center is the video. Not a big deal. You can still get the "book online" link and all the other important parts to be able to reach the business in a timely manner. I like this site. It's clean and easy to manuever. And, they display the inside of the salon/spa! I think is important for this type of business. New beauty clients want to know what they are walking into.

I think I will visit the salon for a hair cut. I like the private exclusive booths I saw on the website and....they serve wine!