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Salt Yoga
Salt Yoga Tulsa's Landing Page

Professional Yoga Studio in Tulsa Oklahoma

This website is clean! I love the large amount of white space and the floating images. Off to the side you see clever quotes that change as you click each new tab. This is a responsive design site and when you see it in it's smallest state the picture and all the parts float perfectly centered below the heading and menu. They did a great job of setting up the stlye sheet.

Of course the whole idea behind the website is to entice people to explore, create interest and then to participate. This website did that for me. I have not thought much about joining a yoga class in the past but this website has definitely made an impact on me. Too bad the stuio is located in Texas. It's a very inviting site. I'd like to check them out in person. Would have liked to have seen images of the studio.

Hot Yoga is on my list!