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Show Case Kitchen and Bath
Show Case Kitchen and Bath

Remodeling company

My first love is interior design so I had to seek out a website that envolved this platform. I searched for quite awhile and found that interior designers need help! So many sites were just ugly and uninteresting to tell you the truth. I was very surprised about that.

Showcase Kitchen and Bath has a great site in my opinion. Like the others I critiqued, the design and layout are simple yet well organized and most importantly with this type of business, the images are powerful and clear as well as accessible. This site is inundated with links but, they link back easily to the home page. I find this to be very important when researching a company website. If I get lost in the links, typically I would leave the site.

The responisve design on this site needs a little work in the style sheet. It doesn't center well and seems unfinished. The menu cascades rather than disappearing into a single link to the pages as links. I'm not sure of how determental this is to this platform, maybe the majority of thier clients are on desk top computers so it doesn't effect them. This is where a UI/Developer would fair well in finding out what the end user needs. And that is what I would love to do!