Theme Parks & Attractions

Sea World


Sea world is definately loads of fun, no matter what part of the park you're in. It's filled with all type of sea mammals, especially the famous Shamu! You can come and enjoy different shows by these beautiful sea mammals, and even pets such as dogs, cats, and birds. Not only are the animals great but so are the rides too! There's a roller coaster, water rides, playgrounds for the kids, and you can even meet the cast from the Sesame Street. Awesome, right? This park is full of fun, especially for families. You cannot forget to go to the souvenier shop, or take a picture with Shamu himself! Loads of fun at Sea World, so go and have fun!



Who doesn't love rides? Well, in Seaworld, you'll come across some fun rides. From water to a roller coaster. Many people simply enjoy the Manta because it gives you such a rush and makes you feel as if you were apart of the ocean. And this roller coaster gives you a big scream, but it's all fun and adventure at the same time! Who wouldn't want that?

Bay of Play


Bay of Play is a fun part of Sea World that is dedicated mainly to the children. Here they can enjoy little fun rides, as well as a playground just for them to run around and have fun. Not only is that the exciting part, but they can meet the cast of Sesame street and take pictures for memories. This will make the children's day much more fun.



People can't leave Sea World without collecting their memories. Some people go to the souvenir shops, and others take their own pictures. Here, you have a chance to get on Shamu and take pictures! The photographers are very friendly, and you can have different types of poses to show how much fun you've had. You're family, Shamu, and photos? Definately memories.