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Aquatica is a place full of splashy fun for all ages, even adults! Although Aquatica is only open during the Summer, it only makes perfect sense. Why not enjoy this water park on days where you just want to be able to cool off and have fun at the same time as well? Besides water slides, there is a playground as well for all the little ones who may be too scared of heights. But you cannot miss out on the animals that are there, along with a souvineer store to be able to remember such a remarkable splashy experience. So when you're out in San Diego, make sure to visit Aquatica for the best experience when it comes to having fun in the sun!

Water Slides


A water park cannot be complete without water slides! There are tons of water slides all around the park, which only means there will be nothing but fun! There are some in which you can slide down in groups are by yourself. Either or, these different slides will all give you a different experience and loads of fun that you can share with your family and friends.



Did you know that Sea World owns Aquatica? We all know that water parks are usually filled with water attractions, but Aquatica has flamingos! Yes, real live flamingos where you can pass by and be able to see them. Aquatica has gone over and beyond than other usual waterparks, because ask yourself, "How many other water parks have animals involved?"



Many families are expected to come to Aquatica all the time, and bring their kids to be able to get refreshed on a hot day. Of course, children shouldn't be riding on high slides for their safety. Therefore, the playground comes very handy for mainly children where they can just be kids, and play around with other children their age as well. Kids just want to have fun!