Theme Parks & Attractions

Belmont Park


Where can you go for endless rides, delicious food, and the beach right next door? Belmont Park is the answer. When you just want a fun and relaxing day, this would be the best place to go. You an choose to just cruise around and admire the scenery or go all out and have fun on the rides. When it comes to food, Belmont park has a variety of different options from sweets, snacks, to legit dinners. You can say that this park has basically everything you may need for a fantastic day in San Diego. Belmont Park gives you a 3 for 1: rides, food, and a beach. So why not take that advantage, and go out and enjoy your day here?

Roller Coaster


There are a few attractions at this site, but the rollercoaster is the most known at Belmont Park. This rollercoaster has to be one of the funnest attractions, and always has people screaming and having a good time! Full of speed, turns, and drops, anyone who loves suspense will truly enjoy this rollercoaster. Just remember not to eat anything heavy before riding.



Belmont park being a family oriented place, therefore no one wants their children to be going on a roller coaster... that is dangerous and would be completely unacceptable. What better way for children to have than to go on the carousel. Let you children choose what animal to ride, and they'll have fun while they merry-go-round.



Sometimes, people just want to be able to relax and watch a fun show. Well here you go! Some people come here and ride the waves, usually having an audience who loves to see what they do. Of course not anyone could just go and ride on these waves, but watching is so fascinating because it's a taste of what surfing is really about.