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San Diego Zoo


The zoo is a place where you can be upclose and personal with the animals! Well not that personal, but you'll be able to enjoy an entire day looking and learning about these wonderful animals. Even if you don't know where to go to first, you can join a personal tour so that you can make sure you won't miss out on anything. You can get on the skyfari or maybe even just head to the gift shop and buy things for your family and friends! The Zoo is a place where you can just have fun and learn at the same time about many different animals. Who knows? Maybe you'll want to be involved with helping animals after being at the Zoo for a day!



Here at the Zoo, there are many different animals all over that you can see and learn so much about. It's fun to take children here so they can experience and see real wild animals. Also, some tend to have even a connection with the animals as they just stare at their every moves. These animals are full of life and fun, and you will enjoy every second of it.



With the Zoo full of animals, sometimes people don't know where to go to explore. That's why the Zoo has specialized tours so that you will be sure not to miss a single thing! The bus is two stories, so you can choose to either be on the first floor or go on top where you'll have an amazing view. The tour is full of fun and information on the animals.



Here's a time to relax, and enjoy the scenery. What perfect way to do that than to go on the Skyfari! Here you just sit down and relax, as you ride above the whole Zoo, being able to see anything and everything. It is such an amazing view and very different than from looking at the Zoo from the ground. Lots of fun and life riding the Skyfari.