Daniela Ryf

Rookie Daniela Ryf Makes an Impressive Kona Debut

Daniela Ryf placed 2nd on her first trip to Kona. Being a two-time Olympian, she is well know at the smaller distance race circuits. She’s won championships at the 70.3 Ironman distance and she won her first Ironman distance event in Switzerland one day after winning an olympic distance triathlon.

She definitely fast and strong. Although she was over two minutes behind the lead swimmers, two minutes is not hard to recover over a 140.6 mile race that lasts over 8 hours. She rode fast and gained the lead putting over two minutes on her closest competitor. She said she was surprised how hilly the bike course was, but her time did not reflect that. Perhaps if she did not underestimate the course she would have been able to sustain her lead in the end. However, she put on a cycling clinic.

In the end, Carfrae caught her in the last miles of the marathon. Although she ran a strong marathon, finishing with the 10th fastest time in her pro division. Being so young, she has time on her side to build. She’s likely to be a favorite to win next year.