Felt IA

Felt IA Wins in Kona

Mirinda Carfrae and Daniel Ryf both rode the same bike at the Ironman World Championships in Kona 2014, the Felt IA. Ryf finished first on the bike and Carfrae finished about 12 minutes behind her. Would these two do as well on any other bike? Probabay, but these are still the top of the line triathlon bikes.

The IA carbon frame design incorporates pure aerodynamics which make pedaling on flat ground and through headwind much easier. The fork integrated with the frame and bolsters wide fork tubes. The headset, down tube and seat tube are extra deep which makes the frame look like one solid piece rather than a traditional bike frame.

The fork is deep enough to hide the front brake complete in side of it.


The bike comes standard with top of the line a Shimano Dura-ace groupo and Zipp 404 and 808 Firecrest wheels. Shimano Tri Di2 electronic shifters are also used making shifting fast and smooth. All together, make this bike roll easy, aerodynamic and fast.

The bike retails for $13,999 which limits this bike to a select group of athletes.