Mirinda Carfrae

Carfrae's Blistering Run Gives Her Another Kona Win

The seasoned athletes knew what Mirinda Carfrae was capable of and the rookies were about to learn. Although she is not the fastest swimmer or strongest cyclist, coming out of the water 19th and finishing the bike in 8th place, she posted a blistering 2:50 marathon. Her run was the sixth fastest run overall for both men and women.

Out of the water, she was six minutes behind the leader in 19th place. Through the 112 mile bike course and many position changes she found herself nearly 12 minutes behind the new leader, rookie and uber athlete Daniela Ryf, and in 8th place.

She passed her husband Tim O’Donnell

She would not admit that she thought she could still win being down by over 11 minutes starting a marathon, but she’s fast. Her average pace over the 26.2 miles was 6:30 minutes per mile. She starting passing her competitors one by one and eventually caught up to her husband Tim O’Donnell. It was all business for the two, she flew by him as if he was standing still. Well, for the most part he was standing still; he decided to walk the rest of his marathon due to some cramping issues. Carfrae continued running in hunt mode. She looked part machine showing no emotion. She passed 3rd and 2nd place women and had only Ryf to catch. She finally could Daniela late in the marathon and continued running hard. She put two minutes on Ryf and won her third Iroman Championship.

What’s next for Carfrae?