Sebastian Kienle

Kienle's Consistency Proves Successful

With a swim time of 0:54:38, Kienle came out of the water in 38th place, but only 4 minutes behind the leader. Based on the group ahead of him, this was not a big deficit for Kienle. After 112 miles on the bike, things shook out. Kienle put nearly 17 minutes on the lead swimmers who dropped back. He was now in first place and had a 4 minute lead on his nearest competitor.

During the run, he maintained his place. Although his run time was slower than 10 other professionals, he put such a lead between them on the bike it did not matter. Andy Potts was first out of the water and four minutes ahead of Kienle, he dropped back by nearly 17 minutes on the bike. Although Potts ran a faster marathon by 6 minutes it was not enough to overcome the 17 minute deficit. Potts took 4th place, but he has the same story as Ben Hoffman 2nd, and Jan Frodeno 3rd. Kienle put a big enough gap during the bike on these runners that they could not catch him in 26.2 miles.