A Mobile First Template

made dynamically with PHP!

I made this project as an assignment for a class while studying at Miracosta College. The overall scope of the project was the create a responsive, mobile-first template with dynamic elements utilizing PHP & JQuery. This is the result of that project. Eager to contribute some goodness to the web community, I figured I share my source files with anyone aspiring to learn a bit more about PHP and how adding a few snippets can drastically increase your workflow and your site's performance.

Simply put, static websites aren't cutting it anymore.

Why PHP?

It's simple really. Online business needs are consistantely and persistantely changing. Becoming ever more demanding, it's becoming more difficult to effectively meet these needs using standard HTML/CSS symantics. For example, imagine having a website with 20+ pages. You've decided you need to add a new navigation menu to your site to allow users to view a portfolio. With a navigation menu coded in HTML, you'd need to go into every instance of that navigation throughout the site, and make the change. Not only would this be time consuming, but the likelyhood of overlooking links is greater. With PHP, you'd only need to add/update your menu in your navigations main file, and the rest will dynamically populate the new item throughout the site for you. Say 20 pages is simple. Imagine if it was 100+!

More Benefits

  • Simple
    • Though similar to C and Java, PHP is a more simplistic, easier to learn and implement scripting language.
  • Higher Returns
    • The web is about getting your site to be sticky. PHP enables you to create dynamic websites which increases user participation, increasing your stickiness, which could yield higher returns.
  • Implementation
    • What's really great about PHP is it's ability to simple embed within your HMTL markup. Often it's as simple as adding a few new tags around your items and VOILA!, your site become dynamic.