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My name is Justin Delgado

You can find me at:

About the artist

I grew up in San Diego, CA and grew up on Batman cartoons and those individually wrapped cheese slices. I got into art in the 5th grade because all my friends were drawing little cartoons and I was jealous. Now I'm the only one of us who still draws. Go figure.

Back then my friends were making comics based off the Kirby franchise. I couldn't draw. However, I do have comics from when I was 9 years old. Stick figures were cool back then. I didn't read actual comics until the later part of high school. Up until then I had deemed them a child's activity; which in hindsight was slightly ironic seeing as though I was a child. My first foray into comics was on the web. It wasn't after soaking up all the indie comics I could find that I finally gave the DC/Marvel comics a chance. Now I am a full blown nerd. But I am not worried, because I am not alone.