"Meant To Be Broken"

"Meant To Be Broken" is a short comic about brains over brawn.

Comics On The Web

The medium of comics is a longstanding tradition that's been around for a long time, but recently there has been a shift in its presentation. With the slow demise of the print medium and the cultural shift towards the ethereal realm of internet media, comics have shifted off the printed page on to the web. Many creators now present their work directly to their audience. Although the development is still relatively new, in less than a decade the number of comics on the web has expanded exponentially. Comics on the web have not only increased in number, but also in subject matter. As newspaper sales dwindle, editorial cartoonists are in frantic race against time to figure out their next move; only recently have the comic-giants DC and Marvel tried to stake their claim on the world wide web and they have had a rough start. By contrast indie comics have flourished on the web more so than their newspaper and spandex brethren.

The Process

For this project I decided to use a more traditional method of comic creation. Below are some images of that process.

After all the inking is done, the image is imported into photoshop and with a few filters and adjustments the image is ready.