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Fall Arivals

This is a fashion site that sells men's and women's watches, apparel, bags and accessories. The area that I like the most about this site is its product pages, especially its watch product pages. It uses an very large product image and the enlage image feature pulls up an enormous product image that gives the user an extremely detailed product image. So much that the user can see the texture on the surface of the product. Because the product image is so large, they had to place all of the product details below making the user scroll down or use a small navigation near top of the page that uses anchor links to the lower content. I also like that the buy button moves to the top as the user scrolls down so the user can easily click it from anywhere on the page. Plus there is a tiny product image next to the buy button which I think is great a touch. But, I think the buy button could be a different color; its color makes it get a little lost on the page inspite of everything positive I just said.