About James Malm

My work...

My name is James Malm and I have been a graphic designer for the last 15 years at a manufacturing corporation in Vista, California. I enjoy working as a freelance artist from time to time and dabble in all sorts of work ranging from pen and ink to Wacom Tablet work for various agencies in the San Diego area. I look forward to learning as much as I can from this class, and I look forward to seeing other students work as well. This page will serve as a landing page with postings of information for various class subjects or activities.

The Responsive Web

What does it all mean?

With so many different types of tablets, laptops, and smart phones created on the market today, web designers are challenged with the responsibility of creating web sites that are not only easy to navigate, but must also adapt to the users needs. All users including the disabled must be able to access the web with minimal effort, and have a pleasant experience in accessing information.

This website will help you gain some insight as to what responsive web design means, and will detail other avenues of website information technology such as “Content Management Systems”,“Scripting”,and general information and or links to other website resources available.

Font Questions?

  • What units of measure do we use for web fonts?
    Is it pixels, em spaces, or points?

  • How many pixels are in a one “em” space?
    16 pixels?, 20 pixels?, or 10 pixels?

  • What are the differences between a web font and a post script font?
    Web fonts are for...?  Post script fonts are for....?

Name 3 Functions of PHP?

  1. Embedding dynamic activity in web pages.
  2. Handles the main work on the web server.
  3. Adds user details to a database.

Welcome Gallery

To the left are some sample images you may see on the web that are related to PHP and PHP code imagery. Simply click on an image to view the entire gallery.

Why use photoshop to create web pages?

Are there any benefits?

Photoshop automatically writes the html markup for you doesn't it? By default it creates a generic web page in HTML format that contains sliced images that you create, but the code it writes can be a little daunting at first to look at.

Here is an example of writing code on the fly directly in Dreameaver:

<p>photoshop does not identify every <div> the way you would expect</p>

Web designers use this method to visually indicate HTML code to be displayed within a paragraph of text.

Years ago, I always thought that web design was very difficult, and that only people on a genius level could do it. Programmers were on the fore-front doing their work by creating user interfaces for operating systems, and web designers were always up there doing what seemed to me to be the same thing. It all looked like programming language to me.

Here is a quote I like very much ( In blockquote format ) from the character Gandalf the Grey in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy movies:

“All you have to do is to decide what to do with the time that is given to you.”

The aside & definition data elements

What do they look like?

This is a Definition or Description Element.

Definition Term ONE
This is the definition data Term ONE.
Definition Term TWO
This is the definition data Term TWO.
Definition Term THREE
This is the definition data Term THREE.