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Hey There! You can call me Travis.

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Hello there! I'm Travis and it's a pleasure to meet you. First off, this site has a few tricks up its sleeve, the first is that it is 100% responsive. What responsive web design (RWD) means for a website is that it is viewable on all platforms ranging from a huge desktop monitor, to even the smallest of mobile devices. Trends point to more users viewing the web on their mobile devices. I believe that non-responsive sites are not doing themselves any favors in today's mobile world. My goal is that with every site I build that it is responsive. This allows a site to be future proof and adds to a level of interactivity for the user. I believe it is my duty as designer to critically think about how my design will function in the future. The goal is that the function of the product will always be the priorty and this is what responsive web design provides to the web.

That's enough responsive philosophy for now, how about some facts about me. I'm 28 years old and living in San Diego, California. I graduated from UCSD with a degree in Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts in 2012. My degree opened up the world of programming to me along with design aesthetics. Without my education I do not believe you would be reading this today. My hobbies include watching every Coen brother's film ever, writing and playing music, and taking down hordes of zombies in various video games. Regarding web work I'm mainly rooted in the front-end of things with a touch of back end experience. I love sharing my knowledge about web design and development with others. My overall goal is to create sites that offer users a deep experience with the web, while being functional and practical.