Halloween Treats

How to Preparation

Trick or Treat!

Choosing what type of candy to hand out or gift during Halloween is only half the fun! You can also prepare treats as a special snacks or for a party. Preparing Halloween-themed food can be very fun and attractive to children. Whether it is baking a Jack-o'-Lantern cookie or dressing lollipops to look like ghosts, the process can be quite engaging for the entire family. Below is an excerpt from a link where you can learn to create some quite fascinating foods.

"When you think of Halloween, you might think of mysterious black and harvest orange. But while nature provides plenty of orange-colored foods for the festivities, ebony foods are a little more unusual. So how do you transform innocent everyday foods into deliciously deadly dark treats? Before you resort to a diet of black beans, black sesame seeds, and black licorice candies, we have several ways to make food dark as night, Halloween-friendly, and delicious!" - Louise Hart, Epicurious.com