Airport Security



Since November 2001, The Transportation Security Administration has been improving the safety of air travel in the United States and abroad. Air travel, however, has become slightly more complicated with expanded security measures. The provided information should be helpful in simplifying your journey, as well as contributing to a safer airport environment. This case study is designed to address the needs of travelers, providing necessary information regarding airline security and protocol. By supplying a guide on efficient airport preparation, travelers will become aware of how to minimize delay within the airport walls.


Getting Ready

Being prepared and on time for your flight will be the most successful way to simplify your journey. Before leaving home make sure you have properly packed and organized your bags, taken care of home arrangements, and planned out your means of transportation to the airport. You may refer to this checklist for guidance. Also, even though TSA does not enforce a dress code, dressing properly can minimize your wait time at the security checkpoint.


The Transportation Security Administration was created shortly after the September 11th attacks in 2001. Their mission is to carefully monitor and improve all areas of aviation security methods and procedures. TSA is composed of over 50,000 security officers, inspectors directors, air marshalls, and managers -- all here to protect you and your family in your travels.