Elements of Web Design

White puzzle piece on rusted iron.
A great website is a collection of elements that fit together like a puzzle.

Five Sites Under Design Review

What makes a great website?

Five websites, with different purposes, have been chosen for review. Each site has been examined for the following attributes:

User Experience: The design should be pleasing to the audience while serving to deliver the site's purpose. The layout, colors, and styling should work together to effectively create a targeted experience.

Functionality: It should be easy for the user to move around the site through the use of navigation bars or breadcrumbs. A responsive website will provide a more fluid experience for the user.

Clarity of Purpose: The purpose for the site should be clear and the site should be uncluttered. The fewer clicks to reach a target, the better.

Images: Images need to be large, but also responsive. The images should work with the site's purpose and color scheme and layout.