A parallel universe is perceived,
even though it is not seen...
the song of night touches the soul:
that which is mine.

I can count the feelings,
but I cannot explain it in words.
I would like to cry and then fly,
letting the breeze dry my tears.

Flying thoughts that remain with me
and moments that will come and go,
times I cannot really comprehend...

The time goes flying by,
the breeze comes and goes...
touching my face,
reaching into my soul.

Between hurried moments,
the waiting hurts...
and hurts me because
I am not able to fly.

I know that there are possibilities...
short, many, and unachievable as they can be.
Fatigue that does not stay still.

But love that beats,
flying in the air,
smelling fresh and sweet
with strawberry.

The voice flies around me and I can hear it,
comforting me, in the middle of the great universe.
Even though I feel small,
I can feel no matter the distance.

From beyond comes this love,
farther than the painted stars on the canvas of the night sky...
I know that one day I will go to that beyond,

Flying, feeling, sensing...
I know that on that day
I will be with you.

by Rebecca Segura